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Dead Congregation - Promulgation Of The FallI have to chuckle when I read references to how Dead Congregation spent six years working on their sophomore album, as if that entire time was dedicated to honing the perfect Death Metal masterpiece. I can assure you there’s no way the Greeks invested on average nine months per song working on ‘Promulgation Of The Fall’!

Because, while this is a very solid, enjoyable and worthy release, it is by no means an exceptional one.

Eight songs; forty minutes; great listen. Not the most memorable music you’ll hear but is it that important for music to stick in your head after you’ve stopped listening to it? I’m more interested in the impact it makes while I’m listening, not afterwards. Fuck afterwards should be the mantra to life. (Don’t think I ever go around humming or whistling Death Metal or Black Metal tunes in the shower anyway.)

Pity all the offerings aren’t as utterly immense as the seven-minute, seventh outing ‘Schisma’; pity too about the wanky solos; having said that, ‘Promugulation…’ is still well worth buying (even if not consistently brilliant). Some interesting pace changes add to the overall dynamic (but also cause proceedings to get bogged down at times when the intensity drops, perhaps most conspicuously during the last tune on Side A, ‘Quintessence Maligned’).

The vinyl edition looks fantastic, with an inlay and lyrics included.

Evilometer: 444/666

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