Wednesday, November 22, 2017 03:34

Mission Statement

Black Metal Reviews has been conceived to deliver impartial assessments of the most obscure, decayed, dark art populating the underground. I will write unprejudiced, honest reviews and I will be influenced neither by trends nor by the opinions of others. As there is no commercial aspect to this website, I am not in anybody’s pocket. I’m sick of magazines giving over-the-top reviews to albums just because the label in question took a big fucking colour ad, whilst at the same time ignoring the true gems to be found in the depths of the underground. This site is independent. No banners; no promos; no ass-kissing. I’m not here to provide PR. There’s enough misleading bullshit out there already. Please do not contact me offering promos or links to dumb downloads. I will decide myself what is worthy of inclusion.

Choose your path.