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GRAV – OMHULDA ONDSKANS KRETSLOPP LP (Ancient Records / Afgrundsvisioner)

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

Grav - Omhulda Ondskans KretsloppUnless I’m getting (handsomely) paid, I’m not inclined to write much about anything; well, ‘Omhulda Ondskans Kretslopp’ certainly doesn’t inspire me to get battering on the old computer keyboard. According to a note on the back cover, this 47-minute long demo was written and recorded in a total of 24 hours. Assuming this is true (which requires quite a stretch of the imagination), it shows.

To cut to the chase, the music on here is, for the most part, banal, bland, low-key, uninspired / uninspiring and underwhelming.

Afraid that I might miss out on something, I tend to gobble up Ancient Records’ limited-edition, vinyl-only releases but, with the benefit of hindsight, this one was a pointless purchase. Listening to the tedious, (laboured) slow- to (pompous) mid-paced ploddings going on here is tough going and – while ‘Omhulda Ondskans Kretslopp’ isn’t necessarily terrible – it also isn’t particularly good. Nor is it Black Metal, as far as I’m concerned, which renders it even more redundant.

When I listen to this record (which won’t happen too many more times, I assure you – if at all), I feel like I’m going to slip into a coma. Then I remember how much money I spent on it and my offended senses return with a vengeance.

Evilometer: 111/666

HÄDANFÄRD – SMUTSIGA SINNEN LP (Ancient Records / Afgrundsvisioner)

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

Hädanfärd - Smutsiga SinnenThe incredibly-prolific Ancient Records has just released a new batch of albums – all on vinyl, as ever – and one of these is Hädanfärd’s debut full-length, ‘Smutsiga Sinnen’. The same two guys are generally behind literally everything this label produces and it’s the usual suspects here again, with Sir N the one-man visionary behind Hädanfärd and his partner-in-crime Swartadathuz overseeing the release as label head honcho.

It’s impossible not to admire the industry and underground ethos of everything they do. But, away from the back-slapping and arse-licking, the music is – for the most part – fascinating, too. While far from overwhelming, ‘Smutsiga Sinnen’ is a minor triumph in that it manages to weld fairly basic tunes with a Black Metal template of sorts to produce a unique listening experience: a mid-paced work of atmospheric and easily-accessible music that could just as easily be ‘80s pop (well, not quite…) but for the vocals.

At times, this is sickeningly melodic, but there is a deranged, crazed sense of dementia pervading the entire album that elevates it above your average melodic Black Metal offering. I also accept that without the melody, it couldn’t – and wouldn’t – work at all. Imagine what Woods Of Infinity would sound like if they weren’t actually complete and utter shite and you are somewhere close to understanding what Hädanfärd brings to the table.

Aesthetically, the artwork and presentation are top notch, making for a very pleasing release all round.

Evilometer: 444/666

GRIFTESKYMFNING – DEMO 08 LP (Ancient Records / Afgrundsvisioner)

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Another collaborative effort from two labels that have really stolen my attention in recent months, ‘Demo 08’ manages to exceed expectations. I didn’t know before purchasing this record that there were no vocals on it (at least, if there are any, I can’t hear them!) and – if truth be told – that knowledge would probably have resulted in me giving it a miss. I mean, who wants arty-farty instrumentals?

However, my ignorance has been rewarded as Grifteskymfning – a band whose name I will never be able to spell – delivers a superb collection of five subtle, warped, repetitive tunes on this album (it’s underground music we are dealing with so don’t let the word Demo put you off).

In many respects, the music is reminiscent of Blut Aus Nord, except more low key and understated, perhaps a little rougher around the edges (with a measure of Hypothermia and Urfaust and fucking Hawkwind thrown into the mix. Maybe). It’s hard to say whether the inclusion of trademark shrill Black Metal vocals fluctuating in the background would have enhanced the songs – my gut instinct says they would – but as it is, ‘Demo 08’ is a great, trippy slab of instrumental dark art that’s well worth checking out.

Move quickly, though – for some reason these labels restrict their releases to frustratingly small limitations (a mere 250 units of this one, I believe, and already sold out at source, but still available in some distros).

Evilometer: 555/666

ACERBITAS – URKAOSETS SVARTA VREDESDOM MLP (Afgrundsvisioner / Ancient Records)

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

For a MLP, this is very generously endowed, clocking in at around 37 minutes (an intro, an outro and four songs proper). Recorded in 2009, ‘Urkaosets Svarta Vredesdom’ wasn’t released on CD until 2011 and didn’t see the light of day on vinyl until June of this year (due to “issues with previous labels”).

It’s been a long wait for those who knew the album was imminent (nobody, probably) but it has arguably been worth every minute because Acerbitas proves itself to be something really special on this debut release, written a whopping seven years ago.

Urkaosets Svarta Vredesdom’ comprises mid-paced, swirling, haunting Black Metal, a gradual maelstrom that slowly and deliberately wraps its tendrils around you, sucking you in, crushing the life from you and leaving you in a state of bliss (i.e. dead). Sir N. (also of Grav, Svartrit and Dödfödd, to name just a few) is the lone operator behind this project and he proves himself to be a very talented ghoul, with a real ear for conjuring just the right atmosphere of darkness and decay.

This is a very easy review to write. Great music that has been done justice by its vinyl incarnation, of the underground yet undeniably accessible, ‘Urkaosets Svarta Vredesdom’ is probably a record that all Black Metal fans should investigate. Shame the bonus track from the CD wasn’t included on the record, though.

Evilometer: 555/666