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AKITSA – CREDO LP (Hospital Productions)

Thursday, January 3rd, 2019

Akitsa - CredoAkitsa’s wretched, raw, inimitable, punk-infused and wholly emotional take on Black Metal has been an irresistible force in the underground for 20 years now and never has the Québécois duo sounded fresher, more poignant and more essential than on outstanding sixth full-length, ‘Credo’, an album of immense intensity and depth, imbued with incredible angst, misanthropy, pride and passion, a fitting soundtrack to the nothingness of everything.

Evilometer: 666/666

AKITSA – GOÉTIE 2LP (Hospital Productions)

Sunday, August 12th, 2018

Akitsa - GoétieNews that a new Akitsa full-length is imminent prompted me to dust off the previous releases and give them a long-overdue spin. Of the five existing albums, ‘Goétie’, the debut, presents Akitsa in its rawest, purest and most essential form.

The definitive double-LP version under consideration here was unleashed in 2016 to mark the album’s 15th anniversary.

There’s about an hour’s worth of unique, trailblazing Black Metal to be found on ‘Goétie’ – 13 songs in total, including a trio of bonus tracks – and this is one of those that truly stands the test of time. While there were elements of ‘Grands Tyrans’ that disaffected me and concerns remain about what path ‘Credo’ might take, there should never be any disputing the sheer, unhinged greatness of Akitsa’s stellar debut.

Evilometer: 666/666

AKITSA – GRANDS TYRANS LP (Hospital Productions)

Friday, December 11th, 2015

Akitsa - Grands TyransGrands Tyrans’ constitutes Akitsa’s first full-length in five years so it was certainly an eagerly-awaited release. And then there was the by-now-all-too-familiar extra delay for the vinyl edition of the Québécois duo’s fifth album, which is handled by Hospital Productions and therefore a little bit pricier than most records…

This is the band’s most ambitious release to date in that there are multiple tracks that have precious little to do with Black Metal and, on a purely subjective level, some of these don’t appeal to me at all.

Still, many of the songs on here are stellar slices of cold, harsh Black Metal from the barren wastelands.

To my ears, the LP is let down by two irritating tracks – the silly, shout-y ‘Le Feu De L’abîme’ and ‘Chimères’ – while another one of the BM-free offerings, ‘Les Flots De L’enfer’ is absolutely spellbinding. So I guess it all comes down to acute personal taste and I could just as easily be fawning over the album in its entirety.

All in all, Akitsa have crafted a very interesting and rounded record that is worthy of acknowledgement, support, respect and full marks.

Evilometer: 666/666

AKITSA / ASH POOL – SPLIT LP (Tour De Garde / Hospital Productions)

Monday, May 13th, 2013

What an intriguing collaboration we have on our hands here! Two great underground Black Metal acts coming together for what can only be termed a cult split, released on vinyl and bled forth from the corrupted womb by labels in which the bands in question have a clear vested interest. The result is quite mind-blowing…

This split is actually called ‘Arraché à la mort, forcé à vivre et mourir à nouveau’ or ‘Ripped From Death, Forced To Live, And Die Again’ depending on which side you’re referring to. But why nit-pick? ‘Split LP’ will do just fine. Fits better above.

I’m a sucker for Akitsa and can’t get enough of their third and fourth full-lengths, which were re-released on vinyl by World Terror Committee recently, namely ‘La Grande Infamie’ and ‘Au Crépuscule De l’espérance’. If you have yet to hear the epic, 21-minute closing track on the former album, ‘Foret Disparue’, then I can only recommend that you check it out asap.

Anyway, returning to the matter at hand, Akitsa’s side of this split comprises three superb examples of stellar Black Metal art, completely and utterly of the underground – as in beneath a north North American forest – complemented by two instrumentals. Cool-as-fuck stuff.

Ash Pool’s side is noticeably louder, both sound-wise and in terms of the message it conveys. I keep forgetting to adjust the volume after flipping the black wax over. And they are just crazy, too, these guys. Demented and weird lyrics provide the befuddling backdrop to their four offerings of strange and raw but addictive Black Metal magic, completing a really obscure collection of tunes that all fans of the subgenre should at least consider investigating.

Evilometer: 555/666