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Friday, October 25th, 2013

Those Once Mighty FallenThis split album comes as a welcome surprise. Both these acts have ceased to be, so the excavation of lost material from the vaults is the Black Metal equivalent of the resurrection. Except it’s real, of course… For anyone who enjoys what could loosely be described as ‘raw, forest BM’, “Those Once Mighty Fallen’ is an essential purchase.

The lost recordings are surprisingly great (the best way to capture the spirit of a bygone era is to be literally of that era!) and have been re-mastered to ensure a better production than what I’d normally associate with Ildjarn in particular. The vinyl edition (heavy gatefold sleeve; 180g discs) is especially substantial as each artist has a dedicated record of their own; also bear in mind that this could be as close as we’ll ever get to sampling new material from either.

Nothing more to say: ‘Those Once Mighty Fallen’ is superb as well as poignant

Evilometer: 666/666


Monday, May 16th, 2011

This one is a bit of an abomination, to be blunt. ‘Temple Forest‘ is the vinyl version of the Ukrainians’ 2007 demo and the track-listing has been elongated by the addition of one bonus tune – a demo version of the wonderful ‘With Fire And Iron‘ – but it’s all a waste of time otherwise. While ‘With Fire And Iron‘ provides a welcome reminder of just how magnificent Hate Forest were, it’s more than a tad frustrating when there’s no actual Black Metal in evidence ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE RECORD.

Bonus track aside, this is just a collection of ambient pieces played on a keyboard. While these may work fine as intros or outros on a proper Black Metal album – or serve as superb interludes – they are wholly redundant without the Black Metal serving as a counterpart or accompaniment. Which leads me to wonder ‘what is the point in this release?’ I’ve always been a big fan of Hate Forest but I’ve learned a harsh lesson here: never buy anything from a band that’s ceased to exist.

With Fire And Iron‘ is utterly stupendous, but the remaining 88.5% or so of ‘Temple Forest‘ is a complete waste of time and money. Eight intros and one genuinely stunning underground Black Metal composition does not make for good value in my book. This kind of wishy-washy ambience might be alright for listening along to if I was sitting in a window in Amsterdam with a bong in my mouth … but alas I’m not.

Evilometer: 111/666