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Sunday, July 29th, 2018

Ljáin - Endasálmar Og Klofnar TungurLjáin released two EPs within ten days of each other during the summer of 2016 and these are brought together on one abrasive, dissonant, cascading record, ‘Endasálmar Og Klofnar Tungur’.

H.V Lyngdal (Wormlust) is the visionary and sole creative force behind this act and he musters a very vicious and visceral brand of noisy Black Metal with ambience buried deep beneath the maelstrom.

The plastic-y programmed drums are light years away from those contributed by Bjarni Einarsson on ‘The Feral Wisdom’ but the goal is much different and this record succeeds in being an unnerving, unpalatable and uncouth kick in the testes of expectation and conformity.

A gloriously messy outburst of unfettered chaos that may have been recorded inside a giant kettle.

Evilometer: 666/666