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MONS VENERIS / VETALA – THE NINES OF SATANANTICHRIST LP (Altare Productions / Infinite Darkness Productions)

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

mons-veneris-vetala-the-nines-of-satanantichristBlink and you missed it. This split LP emerged without so much as a warning and was sold out quicker than you could shake a meaty, inflamed fist at the sky. And, with two of the dank Portuguese Black Metal underground’s finest exponents enlisted for service, ‘The Nines Of Satanantichrist’ is – unsurprisingly – remarkable.

A truly mesmeric projectile of raw, depraved, chaotic, insane lamentations, perhaps echoing the anguish and emptiness of (m?)any maniacal devotees to darkness who failed to secure a copy. Hopefully more copies will become available somewhere down the left hand path because this is a stellar release that epitomises everything that’s great about the dark art we all love and cherish.


Evilometer: 666/666


Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Even though Portuguese one-man act Mons Veneris [formed: 2005] has almost 30 offerings to its name, ‘Vicit Sathanas Pater… Eum Sequamur’ remains the only full-length to date. Originally intended for a vinyl release, this was unleashed on cassette format only in 2008 but was extremely difficult to acquire. Alas, I missed / overlooked it.

Mercifully, Antihumanism saw fit to reissue the album on CD in December (this time with the original mix, limited to 250) and I’ve purchased my copy from Forever Plagued. At last, I get to pour this coveted work of underground Black Metal through my yearning ears…

So we have six songs comprising almost 42 minutes of music. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the sound is good. It isn’t. Everything remains extremely analogue. For want of a better word, it’s a shitty sound throughout. Muddy and horrible. The singing comes across like a goat or a boar (or a goose – or a combination of all three – but not a human). Being tortured. Only a spastic could listen to let along actually enjoy this album.

Guess that makes me a spastic of sorts.

Evilometer: 555/666


Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

In some ways, it’s a real pity that Mons Veneris is so essentially underground. The identity of the band member(s) is unclear and releases – which are at least plentiful – are low-key, scattered, short, limited, random and generally difficult to acquire. There has only been one actual full-length and as far as I know it was only released on cassette. I don’t have it.

I do, however, possess an increasing number of splits, cassettes and EPs from the Portuguese act (these appear to be the preferred medium of communication) and I have been mightily impressed by both the style and sheer quality of twisted Black Metal found on most of these. The one we’re concerned with here, ‘O Seu Trono Nos Nossos Ossos’, is a one-sided, three-track cassette and one of the songs is just an intro, so we only get two tunes proper.

Eighteen minutes in total isn’t a whole pile to get your teeth into but this tape is inexpensive and should appeal to anyone attracted to the nascent Lusitanian underground or to bands like classic Xasthur and / or The True Werwolf and/ or the majority of Mons Veneris’ associated compatriots. Depraved, chaotic, mournful grimness is the name of the game; truly majestic and enchanting despite its brevity.

Evilometer: 666/666