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NIGHTBRINGER – TERRA DAMNATA 2LP (Season of Mist Underground Activists)

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

Nightbringer - Terra DamnataNightbringer – an act I have been championing for years – delivers 52 minutes of mystical, occult-ridden, complex, chaotic Black Metal on fifth full-length, ‘Terra Damnata’, but this time I’m finding the whole experience irritating as all hell – too melodic, too atmospheric, too safe and way too accessible.

The songs positively soar through the speakers, uplifting and delightful like some hybrid of Emperor and Cradle of Filth and I find it bland and boring and downright disappointing.

The big, grand, epic sound has a lot in common with Dimmu Borgir and it’s quite disheartening to witness any band moving more into this horrible direction. A thoroughly professional and accomplished piece of work, no doubt, but my love affair with Nightbringer is well and truly over. What was I thinking?

Fuck, this is really terrible stuff.

Evilometer: 000/666

NIGHTBRINGER – EGO DOMINUS TUUS 2LP (Daemon Worship Productions)

Sunday, March 29th, 2015

Nightbringer - Ego Dominus TuusWow!: seventy-two minutes of prime esoteric Black Metal spread across two slabs of black wax encased in a spectacular, heavy-duty gatefold jacket which also houses a huge booklet / tome with occult lyrics and beautiful artwork included to complete a stunning package / product.

It was an almost unbearably lengthy wait for Nightbringer’s fourth full-length to materialise on vinyl and, alas, this double-LP is also fairly expensive to purchase. But the downsides begin and end there…

Whomsoeverthefuck said that the best things in life are free deserves a firm, unrestrained knee to the bollocks – with ample follow-through. You have to pay for good stuff and I don’t require a degree in economics to reach this conclusion.

All you need to know about the sprawling and expansive ‘Ego Dominus Tuus’ is that it is utterly amazing; an exhibition of fierce, grandiose, labyrinthine, symphonic, perfectly-produced-yet-still-raw-and-aggressive Black Metal reminiscent in many ways of Emperor at their absolute peak or like a BM cousin of Nile. It’s also a very difficult record to fully digest.

But I will leave the hyperbole and needless thesis-writing to others. A handful of adjectives is more than enough! I prefer listening to Nightbringer than writing about them. Although I have written about them quite a few times, it would appear. What are you waiting for?

Evilometer: 666/666

NIGHTBRINGER – EMANATION LP (Daemon Worship Productions)

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

Nightbringer - EmanationInitially conceived on humble CD five years ago, ‘Emanation’ collates six rare / demo tracks from the earliest incarnation of Nightbringer onto one potentially-lethal disc of black wax. While the music on this record is not as essential as any of the band’s full-length’s proper – or, indeed, the two most-recent splits – it’s still really good stuff and is well worth investigating (and not just for completists, either).

Although lacking flow and focus for obvious reasons, and decidedly rawer than the sophisticated beast that has just unleashed the sensational ‘Ego Dominus Tuus’, ‘Emanation’ is an interesting historical document that also stands alone as a genuinely worthy release from one of the most relevant Black Metal bands of our time.

I for one am pleased that this compilation has seen the light of day on vinyl.

Evilometer: 555/666


Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Nightbringer - Apocalypse SunOne of the main purposes of any review is to advise / influence your readers / listeners as to whether or not they should consider spending money on a particular product. However, when it is extremely unlikely that they will be able to get their hands on the item in question, is the review thereby rendered redundant? Probably. Thus, what follows is more of an observation than a review.

Nightbringer’s second full-length, the 68-minute masterpiece ‘Apocalypse Sun’, was originally released on CD in 2010 but was given a rather luxurious double-vinyl makeover this year by Blood Music. Unfortunately for everybody except the label, this splendid edition pretty much sold out on pre-orders alone (I was extremely lucky to get my hands on a copy, which I paid for almost THREE months in advance).

Physically, everything about this album is immense. It looks, feels and sounds monumental. But it was ultra-limited and also substantially over-priced. I paid €30 plus postage and the same again for (equally-great) sister release ‘Hierophany Of The Open Grave’, which emerged on 2LP format at the same time.

Awesome record but the nature of this exclusiveness really, really bugs the hell out of me. The Black Metal community is a very small one – why not treat us with more respect? Credit to Blood Music for making the album available in the first place, but there is something about the whole transaction that does not sit comfortably with me.

The rating below is for the music and the product as opposed to the strategy behind it.

Evilometer: 666/666


Sunday, July 21st, 2013

Nightbringer DødsengelThere are some records you simply cannot go wrong with and ‘Circumambulations Of The Solar Inferno’ is one such effort. Featuring two of the more interesting bands around at the moment, this split LP comprises the most glorious racket to have reached my ears in many’s the long year.

I assume from the song titles that this is a concept album of sorts. Either way, we get four songs of occult, esoteric Black Metal of the very highest calibre.

Nightbringer specialise in split vinyls – this is the fourth one to make its way into my collection! – but ‘Circumambulations Of The Solar Inferno’ represents a first collaborative effort from Norway’s finest, Dødsengel. I think any band should be happy to share some black-wax space with them!

The Americans deliver two trademark chaotic swirlfests on Side A, which are fantastic offerings in their own right but not quite as magnificent as what occurs on Side B. Both tracks from Dødsengel demonstrate a remarkable appreciation and manipulation of dynamic; stellar song-writing and execution resulting in a resounding confirmation that Dødsengel  have lost none of the magic that typified ‘Mirium Occultum’ and ‘Imperator’ (as well as practically everything else they have put their name to).

In the near-thirteen-minute closer, ‘Watchtower Of The South: Drunk Upon Inmost Fire’, we are treated to an absolutely monstrous cocktail of fury and panache. Cathartic stuff, indeed. (The record looks amazing, too, with great artwork and all lyrics included.)

Evilometer: 666/ 666


Thursday, December 27th, 2012

I bought this split LP mainly for the Nightbringer side, as I’m not especially a huge fan of Acherontas (despite the rave reviews appearing elsewhere). However, I am pleased to report that the two offerings vomited forth by the Greek combo in this instance are devilishly impressive. Throw in the by-now-guaranteed solid contribution from Nightbringer and ‘The Ruins Of Edom’ is a definite winner.

Previous exposure to Acherontas led me to believe they were overly melodic and almost pompous in a puke-y Summoning sort of way, but I detect little of this on the ambitious eight-minute harsh Black Metal work-out ‘Layil’. The ensuing ‘Reverence For The Scarlet Goddess’ is atmospheric and keyboard-driven, something akin to what I had believed Acherontas was all about before entry, but in fairness it’s more an ambient masterpiece than an exercise in pomposity. Perhaps I will have to revise my opinion of this particular band…

Nightbringer delivers two typically-convoluted tracks of intelligent, wordy, philosophical Black Metal, bookended by a couple of clever instrumentals / ambient passages, proving once more that they are one of the United States’ premier proponents of the occult. Truly brilliant stuff that gets better with each listen. I would recommend purchasing this record for the Nightbringer presentations alone (as I did), but the Acherontas tunes arrived as a pleasant surprise.

Even though the whole thing signs off in little over 30 minutes, ‘The Ruins Of Edom’ is probably as fine a split release as you’re likely to acquire these days, imbued with a menacing atmosphere and cased within a lovely cover with lyrics and additional artwork printed on the inner sleeve. A lovely record, all told.

Evilometer: 555/666

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Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

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NIGHTBRINGER – Hierophany of the Open Grave (Season of Mist) 555/666

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