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Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

Necros Christos - Domedon DoxomedonNecros Christos cracked open the crypt one last time in 2018 to unvault this vast parting package of their instantly-recognisable, blatantly contradictory, Christ-conscious Death (/Black?) Metal, ‘Domedon Doxomedon’ a fitting, near-two-hour closing chapter to a bizarre 16-year recording career, gates and temples orphaned at every crossroads, the stench of the impaled Nazarene gypsy omnipresent.

Evilometer: 666/666

NECROS CHRISTOS – NINE GRAVES LP (Sepulchral Voice Records / Ván Records)

Sunday, February 1st, 2015

Necros Christos - Nine GravesAmazingly, Necros Christos only consider ‘Nine Graves’ to be an EP. Yet, at 40 minutes, it is longer than most full-lengths coming out of the increasingly-stingy Black / Death Metal underground these days. I’m fucking sick of being short-changed so it’s refreshing to come across a release that offers value for money (which, in fairness, should be a requisite).

Considering that their two actual full-length albums, ‘Triune Impurity Rites’ and ‘Doom Of The Occult’ clock in at an hour and 73 minutes respectively, Necros Christos’ generosity on here should surprise nobody.

There are only four songs proper on the record (lyric sheet and poster included) and the rest of the release comprises NC’s trademark ‘Temples’ and ‘Gates’. Altogether, it flows as another great piece of work from one of my all-time favourite acts.

A stunning triumph for both quality and quantity.

Evilometer: 666/666

DROWNED – IDOLA SPECUS LP (Sepulchral Voice Records)

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

Drowned - Idola SpecusDrowned is such a cool band. One of them used to be in the mighty Necros Christos and another one plays live with mightier The Ruins Of Beverast. Good company to be keeping (or not keeping, as the case may be, I suppose).

Debut full-length ‘Idola Specus’ arrived this summer – a full 21 years after Drowned’s first demo was recorded – and the vinyl edition was unleashed in October, 2014.

On it, we are treated to some magnificent, masterful, hypnotic, mazy, occult Death Metal, with strange, dark lyrics and a truly underground feel, despite the LP boasting a solid-as-fuck production. With not one but two inserts, this is a rousing, rumbling record that both looks and sounds fantastic.

Short-ish at 37 minutes but there you go.

Evilometer: 555/666


Saturday, October 12th, 2013

Grave Miasma - Odori SepulcrorumBrits Grave Miasma are part of the new wave of Death Metal that is allegedly breathing new life into a jaded genre. Debut album ‘Odori Sepulcrorum’ is receiving rave reviews everywhere one looks and the band is being liberally mentioned in the same breath as the likes of Portal, (label mates) Necros Christos, Mitochondrion and Vasaeleth. (Other great modern, occult Death Metal bands that I’d like to chuck into the conversation are Antediluvian and Ævangelist.)

Personally, I’m finding ‘Odori Sepulcrorum’ to be hard work. I was 100% convinced that I’d love the album but for some reason it just isn’t sucking me in the way I expected it to. Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly intriguing and out there; murky, dense and ambitious (but with most of the magic seemingly hidden beneath muddy waves of impenetrable tedium).

The packaging is superb – vast triple gatefold sleeve with a fine A5 booklet included – and the outlandish hype surrounding Grave Miasma is almost as impressive. Perhaps it is as a direct result of my expectations having been too high, but, no matter how many times I listen to this record-and-a-half (yes, you’ve guessed … no music on Side D), I just can’t get excited by it. I’m not sure whether I should be disappointed with myself or with the band. Either way, this album bores me (and I dislike the sound, too).

Evilometer: 222/666


Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Consistency is a world gone mad: there were 23 tracks on Necros Christos’ excellent debut full-length ‘Triune Impurity Rites’ and there are 23 songs on the stellar, mammoth, sprawling follow-up ‘Doom Of The Occult’. Abacus aside, there’s a world of difference between the 2007 NC album and the current one. The Berliners have become even bolder, braver, more brash … and the results are utterly stunning.

If this isn’t destined to be the best Death Metal album of 2011, then there must be something of orgasmic proportions on the way. Because, believe me, ‘Doom Of The Occult’ is a seismic slab of esoteric Death Metal. Esoteric … strange word that … it’s bandied around a lot in reference to BM acts … but – Gorguts and Nile aside – how often do we hear DM bands referred to as esoteric? Not very often. But it’s a term that describes Necros Christos to a tee. Their music is essentially DM, not a million miles away from Morbid Angel is general feel, but they have tossed so much experimentation and so many twists and nuances into the mix that it’s closer to BM in spirit. DM performed using an adventurous BM template, you could say.

Along the course of the 73 minutes that constitute ‘DOTO’, we are treated to a myriad of captivating interludes, a sumptuous succession of oriental acoustic instrumentation, a dose of majestic mysticism – all of which serves as an ideal counterpoint to the barrage of ferocity that comprises the main body of the work. The real clincher is the manner in which the two faces of NC blend together seamlessly. They can switch from all-out classic Death Metal menace to delicate, hypnotic strumming / tinkering without batting an eyelid and the whole entirety sticks tightly like a hand wrapped around the throat of a tyrant.

This is one of those albums that all fans of Black Metal and / or Death Metal need to own. It’s breathtakingly good and sets a new standard in terms of what DM can be. ‘Doom Of The Occult’ goes to the next level but avoids the pitfalls filled with cheese and manages to stay relevant, sincere and crushingly heavy. Refreshing, honest, and packed with more curveballs than a Coen Brothers movie, this is an instant classic.

Evilometer: 666/666