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Monday, May 16th, 2011

This one is a bit of an abomination, to be blunt. ‘Temple Forest‘ is the vinyl version of the Ukrainians’ 2007 demo and the track-listing has been elongated by the addition of one bonus tune – a demo version of the wonderful ‘With Fire And Iron‘ – but it’s all a waste of time otherwise. While ‘With Fire And Iron‘ provides a welcome reminder of just how magnificent Hate Forest were, it’s more than a tad frustrating when there’s no actual Black Metal in evidence ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE RECORD.

Bonus track aside, this is just a collection of ambient pieces played on a keyboard. While these may work fine as intros or outros on a proper Black Metal album – or serve as superb interludes – they are wholly redundant without the Black Metal serving as a counterpart or accompaniment. Which leads me to wonder ‘what is the point in this release?’ I’ve always been a big fan of Hate Forest but I’ve learned a harsh lesson here: never buy anything from a band that’s ceased to exist.

With Fire And Iron‘ is utterly stupendous, but the remaining 88.5% or so of ‘Temple Forest‘ is a complete waste of time and money. Eight intros and one genuinely stunning underground Black Metal composition does not make for good value in my book. This kind of wishy-washy ambience might be alright for listening along to if I was sitting in a window in Amsterdam with a bong in my mouth … but alas I’m not.

Evilometer: 111/666