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Monday, January 14th, 2019

Clandestine Blaze - Tranquility Of DeathAs Clandestine Blaze’s tenth full-length offering, ‘Tranquility Of Death’, erupts from the barrel, wretched humanity is once more the focus, trembling meekly in the crosshairs, a pitiful breed unable to discern that cruelty and compassion aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive, an embarrassing blight on the planet, content to celebrate weakness and forgiveness, shying away from strength and purity in favour of tolerance, empathy, deluded benevolence and sheer stupidity, embracing disease and bowing down before invisible, imagined gods – bickering and killing over who’s fabrication is best – some astonishingly prepared to idolise a stinking, fraudulent hobo who was so weak and rudderless he got nailed to a cross by the rabble, betrayed by his own friends whom he was unable to convince of his delusions, and hung up for all to witness and mock in his robe-pissing, exposed-as-a-swindler ordinariness.

Evilometer: 666/666